Some of the things I've made:


FML is an extension for GameMaker that provides GML bindings to the FMOD API.

There have been a few GameMaker FMOD extensions/libraries floating around over the years. At some point in 2021 I wanted to use FMOD in GameMaker, checked out the existing libraries, and they were all either totally out of date or they didn't cover the API that I wanted. So I decided to make my own!

(FML is not really an acronym, it's just Fmod gML)

Time zone tool

I have a lot of friends around the world outside of my own time zone, and whenever we're trying to organize anything online, time zones always cause trouble. So I made this tool where you can create a group of people, assign time zones to them and then set a time and it prints everyone's local time accordingly.

I know there are a million tools online kinda like this but they don't do exactly what I need, and I enjoy making stuff and learn from the process so I made this!


This photo of my cat

black cat sitting in a forest
click it for a full res